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2024 FRYLAX Spirit Wear Sale

Thank you for supporting FRYLAX. A portion from the sale of these items will be returned to the this organization as part of their fundraising.

FRYLAX first run will be from 2/14 to 3/1.
Second run to

Be determined

If you are a member of this organization, please choose:

"NO SHIPPING - FRYLAX organization will distribute" or pay for USPS Priority Shipping.

If you are NOT a member of this organization, please choose USPS Priority Shipping as your delivery/shipping option.

Items take approximately 2.5 to 3 weeks to make after the closing date of the sale (excluding any items that are backordered). Please look for these clothing items from your organization.

Please note that if you are from this organization, choosing USPS does not guarantee a faster delivery time.

Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting FRYLAX and this small local business!

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